Drawings of real people and the elements that express them

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Any of you can receive a hand-drawn Elemental Portrait. (13 " x 13 " on mylar paper mounted on a board) The image includes your face, surrounded with the elements you describe. Elements like: an object you closely relate to ( bicycle, flower, boat ) or a personal value ( compassion, loyalty, social justice ) or an action ( welding, dancing , cooking ) that represents you. Drawings are $200. (drawings take ~16hrs of work to complete, 3-5 days to ship) Get yours today. Or order one for a friend. Every purchase also pays for someone who cannot afford an Elemental Portrait, to get one too!


Every person has their own worlds inside them, their own intelligence, power, and unique kind of expression. The Elemental Portraits show these worlds, of what’s important and expressive in people, and gives space to declare the elements they feel represent them best. By creating meaning through symbolic images, a visual-story of a person’s nature is created. Bringing together personal meaning of a diverse life is important in a time when many people are feeling scattered. This way of drawing unifies the dispersed parts of people, by creating a visual wholeness. To be and feel seen in this wholeness could inspire people to recognize more of how they want to be in this world. The Elemental Portrait drawings give people reminders, affirmations and encouragements to continue being who they want to be.


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Sign up to buy an Elemental Portrait. Send a photo image of your portrait (face) along with words/descriptions of seven elements that express you. Send ($200 + $11.50 shipping) via Venmo @ Richie-Rhombus, or Paypal @ [email protected] . Thank you

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